Thursday, September 5, 2013


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Battle Stations all lovers of Dublin!

Ormond Quay is under threat. We will be having a protest outside Ormond Hotel on Ormond Quay at 1pm this Saturday 7th September. Please Join us.

Bring some placards and make some noise. Get dressed up! Dubliners,  Joyce Junkies, and everyone remotely interested in standing up for once, get creative and lets save  the Ormond Hotel façade and a Ulyssean and Dublin landmark from the wrecking ball.

Several objections have been lodged already thank goodness, but lets keep the pressure up.

Perhaps Monteco Holdings don't realise the significance of the Ormond Hotel façade and the Joycean Ulysses connection, they are, after all based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but what are Dublin City Council thinking surely they should be the first to protest and to protect Dublin architecture of cultural and historical significance?

This is the authentic 1900's façade of Ormond Hotel that features majorily in Ulysses, it is the bricks and mortar original façade.

Anyway please do join us. This is David and Goliath time.
And please tell all your friends, family, media pals, etc. Let everyone know about it.

Regards, James

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