Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wexford Art in the Open painting festival

Well it's over for another year but it was great fun and very, very inspiring once again. Hats off to TonyKevin, Neil and all the Plein Eire gang and the brilliant volunteers who made it such a joy for us participants. This was a great way to kick off painting again.

I put three oils into the Art in the Open exhibition in Greenacres
- see below

Gardens at Dusk, Enniscorthy 13x9"
In the Barn Bunclody 9x13"
Sentinel 13x9"

Highlights for me this year were once again Mary Duffy's paintings, one of which is shown here below. Unfortunately I don't have the original title, it was in Irish and possibly translates as Darkness or Gathering - the subject matter is a seascape with ominous clouds in the distance - it's very beautiful and if I could have afforded it I would have bought it.

Another I might have bought but someone else had,was by Frances Murray(could not find a link)
Her picture Wexford Beach won a prize and in my opinion very deservedly so, although stylized it captures a lovely sense of place and atmosphere as well as adding an air of mystery. I loved it.
Antti and Leon's quick draw piece from Enniscorthy donated by them and used to raise funds for charity.
I've knicked the following image from Antti's site where he knicked it from the original photographer Eric Claydon - sorry I don't have a link to Eric's site but he's a very nice bloke and hopefully won't mind.

Lori Putnam gave a very useful, common sense and inspiring "How to be a successful artist" lecture, I took lots of notes. One of her lovely paintings from the festival is also included below.

Michael Richardson was one of the judges, as always he does great work and is a great teacher as well as a very nice guy included here is a beautiful seascape he did.

Finally I have included this watercolour of an apple tree which I thought was delightfully painted and very charming by Chris Clark. 
Darkening Seascape by Mary Duffy

Leon Holmes and Antti Rautiola Photo by Eric Claydon

Wexford Beach by Frances Murray
Ballymore House by Lori Putnam
Seascape by Michael Richardson

Ancient Apple Tree Ballymore House by Chris Clark

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