Thursday, August 29, 2013

Achtung! An original location from the Sirens chapter in Ulysses is in danger. Let's save the Ormond Hotel from demolition! You only have till Monday to object, so please go to the link below and follow on to Dublin City Council site.

Ormond Hotel made famous in Ulysses.

Ormond Quay Hotel is a Dublin landmark. It's a building of unique cultural importance to the city of Dublin and to world literature. It is specifically mentioned in Ulysses by James Joyce.

To knock it down completely would be to destroy an important and authentic Ulyssean, Joycean setting, and also an important tourist mecca.

Especially now that Bloomsday is going to become huge in this city, with plans underway to create a giant Bloomsday street carnival. The Ormond Hotel is one of a few original and authentic Ulyssean places to visit. This means a lot to a lot of people here and around the world as the Ormond hotel's frontage at least has remained as it was in Joyce's time. It's a unique selling point.I don't understand why Moteco Holdings don't see the potential goldmine they are sitting on .

The Ormond hotel is already famous because Joyce wrote about it, I'd urge them to use that fact, don't just put up another souless piece of modernity and kill off something truly unique and special and lucrative.

Keep at least the fa├žade of the building, sort it out inside but don't destroy the front fabric of the building and if there is any of the original structure inside keep at least a section of it to promote the Joycean connection. It'll be worth it in the end. Destroy it and another piece of Dublin's rich heritage is gone and eventually there will be nothing left of her.

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