Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A couple of great gigs, some sketches and a plein air painting of Sweny's Chemist

We were at two amazing gigs this weekend Aidan Coleman at Bradys in Terenure on Saturday night and Regina Spektor on Monday night. I did a few drawings of Aidan while I listened blown away by his skill and his charisma, wow is all I can say. http://www.breakingtunes.com/aidancoleman
Hard to top him but Regina Spektor is a phenomenaly talented and quirky performer and if the crowd hadn't been so hystericaly enthusiastic (myself included) it would have been even better - oh but my head hurts from all the yelling and whooping and clapping.  It was bonkers but brilliant. No drawings of her yet but might have a crack soon.By God but the lady can sing and play piano, what a talent. Check her out if you get a chance.
Adian Coleman
Last Sunday's Dublin Sketcher's session had us out and about around Trinity College. I finally managed to bring a paired down oil painting kit with me, less is more. Anyway I had a go at painting the wonderful Sweny's Chemist on an 8x10"panel.
A small picture but it's all part of a larger plan to do an exhibition of Joycean Dublin, which is in turn part of our(At It Again! consisting of Jessica, Niall, Maite and myself) bigger project "Blowing up Bloomsday "- to turn Bloomsday into a more inclusive Mardi Gras like street festival  for which we are seeking some Arthur Guinness funding. We would be grateful if you might take two minutes to vote for us here please. And you can vote for us right up to August 23rd everyday and sign in with as many email addresses as you have. https://www.arthurguinnessprojects.com/arts/at-it-again-1Thankyou!
We're short about 4000 votes so every vote counts. Help! : )

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