Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meeting at the Pearse Museum on the 19th November at 2pm

We are going to have a get together to display the work done by people who participated at the workshops.

We will meet at the Pearse Museum on the 19th November at 2pm in the gallery to display your finished work - it can be a drawing, painting, photo, poem, sculpture, etc related to the theme of home as chatted about at the workshops. If you didn't produce anything, you're very welcome to come along anyway and see what others have been up to.

We will put the original work or a photograph/scan of it into a book form (artists notebook) or dvd slide show and display it at the museum for the last two weeks of the exhibition and then send it off to Brazil. Bring whatever materials you have relating to the project and we will work out together how best to display it, glue it, stick it into place.

Here is some great work done by Carmen based on the Valencia Las Fallas festivals where they burn an effigy. See what she has chosen to do. We will burn it and film it towards the end of the exhibition and if anyone feels they would like to create an effigy to burn with Carmens piece get making it or gathering it - if we can't do it at the Pearse museum we'll do it in the garden at our house. We will be doing the long promised raffle that day so please turn up as you may be the winner.

Do invite anyone you want to come along, we'll have a coffee after as well. Thankyou.

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