Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Latest Paintings



Some supporting sketches from Donegal last weekend and the initial howth thumbnail sketch.


Mary said...

Terrific painting of Donegal James and likewise the tower in Howth. I love your sketches also,they can stand on their own!

Patrick Daly said...

Hello James,
I really like your paintings.
Great work. I have'nt been to
many sketchers sessions over the
summer but hopefully will get
back into it soon.

Take care

Sarah Bowie said...

James - your work has really moved to a whole new level. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it - it's working! I especially love the landscape one, looking down towards the sea, colours are amazing.

Suzanne Lindfield said...

James your work is terrific, there really is a style developing in your painting and it's wonderful to watch!