Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Latest Paintings



Some supporting sketches from Donegal last weekend and the initial howth thumbnail sketch.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Plein Eire - the Wexford Open Air Art Weekend

Wow and what a weekend it was too, very inspiring meeting all those artists and great locations too. Thanks Louise , Alex, Tony, Kevin, Karen and everyone in Plein Eire for looking after us over the few days we spent in beautiful Wexford. It was fabulous but exhausting : ) Picked up some good tips; gonna travel very light in future when working outdoors - less is more. Palette knife to place in telephone and electric cables. Cigar boxes as easles and for carrying wet paintings. Avoid (unless you want it) the middle of canvas when composing - it's boring to look at, keep horizon lines above or below this, verticles and focal points are best off centre - cheers David - use a colours complementary to give it added zing. Allow underlay to peek through the layers - a reddish tone will effect greens etc. Suggesting clouds, these have no definite outline, they are nebulous vapourlike substances -- thanks to plein air superstar David Diaz.

The sea can have warm colours in it - thanks Michael. You can paint with oils prety much straight out of the tube. Just use turps to help flow sometimes, clean and wipe in between loading new colours onto brush. Use a dish scrubbing brush to get nice textures and drag paint around to get interesting grass effects etc. Also prime canvases and paper with gesso I believe - it adds to the end result - will do this - thanks Frank.

These first two were done in my trusty acrylics

These are the two that went into the Greenacre gallery exhibition I sold the boats one entitled "Safe Harbour". The unsold one is called "Skyline Enniscorthy". Here's a photo of the original sketch

Did my first out in the open on the spot oils too - see below

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picture for Cafe le Cirk competition

Had 24 hours to get this pic in before the closing date yesterday for a competition in Cafe Cirk, soon to be relaunched as Sweeneys, it's a nice and happening bar with lots of good music and pretty decent food too. This was the results of my effort for the competition theme 'Music', to be done on an A3 canvas which they supplied. Wish I'd had more time but it was a fun challenge just to get it done. Good incentive too if you win they give you a keg of beer and a free room for all your pals to hang out in for a night. Otherwise they just display your work on the walls which is good enough for me.