Sunday, May 24, 2009

More on the Cork Jazz Pic

Have scrapped this idea at least for the person it was intended for. I'm just doing a much simpler more colourful piece now. Time is marching on - this didn't have a deadline, I actually miss deadlines they help you focus.

I was thinking of doing loose colour washes and maybe just picking out some specific details in stronger colours or perhaps I should leave it as a black and white. Any constructive suggestions, tips or reccomended viewing of other pictures that are dealing with a lot of elements brought together by colour most welcome. Here's some rough ones I've begun playing with below.


Stephen said...

That's coming along really well James. I'm looking forward to the finished piece.

Sarah Bowie said...

Hey James,
The energy in this is great! There's so much going on it really draws the eye in. It's the type of picture someone would go back to again and again and see something new each time. I presume you mean to paint the final image or? It also works great in b&w. Great work!

TAW Blog Admin said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments and I'm debating wheter to colour it or not. I like it in B&W but colour might work too although I'm a bit scared of ruining it by overdoing it. It might work with some light watercolour washes, any further constructive suggestions very welcome please.