Thursday, August 7, 2008

One more painting from Sweden

This is a picture of the Wicksell family cabin in Skuleskogens National Park. The park is 26 square miles of woodland, swamp and rocky hills that have been left to grow and develop naturally for the last 100 years were access is only on foot or by boat, no cars or even helicopters are allowed in - believe me it is a stunningly beautiful place to visit and full of wildlife too.
The Wicksells were our kindly neighbours while we were staying in the park, they gave us fresh Baltic aborre (sea-bass) that they'd caught themselves in their boat and we cooked this delicious fish over an open fire. When we were leaving I promised them I'd do a picture of their own cabin by way of thanks. This is the result. Right now it's on it's way to them in the post.


Sarah Bo said...

Wow! Haven't been on your blog in a while and am amazed by all this beautiful work from Sweden. You got lots done. All of the paintings are stunning, but I especially love this log-cabin one - the colours in it are really atmospheric. I also really like your pen and ink sketches. Great work - you've been very industrious!

Gearoid said...

James, these pics are really fab. I agree with with our friends' verdicts. You should have no problem finding buyers. Very professional and very atmospheric. Keep it up.

TAW Blog Admin said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments.