Sunday, June 15, 2008

From the Sunday 15th June - Sketching Group Session in the Botanic Gardens

Will probably try to finish this one off next Sunday. The bridge and general busyness lets it down currently but will sort it out later. It's very simple - I'm trying to reduce the scene down so there is very little detail just a collection of shapes and colours that hopefully resolves into a recognisable scene. It's sketching with paint and then deciding what to leave in and what to discard to make a balanced and hopefully interesting compostition. The one on the right is the earlier version thanks to Gearoid for that pic. Looking at the two together I nearly prefer the earlier compo - certainly the water area is more calmer and the bend in river better defined.

Pictures from Mayo trip

Spent a week in Mayo visiting my Dad recently and did a bit of painting there.

This one is from Doyles Bar in Mulraney halfway between Newport and Achill. Quite enjoyed this as it was very comfortable indoors with a view through big windows and a pot of tea beside me.

This one shows Shramore near Newport.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In the Studio by Colette Dorgan

Spotted this little gem at the LPH exhibition and falling for it, decided to buy it.
Love the fact that the colours on the pallete are put on so thickly and the cubist elements of the rest of the painting.

Here it is in it's frame.

Working on a seperate website as an online gallery

I'm trying to take the whole art business more seriously and so I'm designing a seperate online gallery to put up more finished work and work for sale as i do them. Got to start somewhere.Here's a couple of samples.

Phil Lynott Pic

Been working on this for a few days, and it's not finished yet. I quite like it in parts but not sure it's really quite caught him, might have to start again - perhaps a different image of Phil might be better. Done on charcoal on fairly heavy watercolour paper.

Photo included below for comparison - actually putting the two together helps as the drawing is quite a big picture and this makes it a bit easier to see certain discrepencies.

Painting Sketch

Did this yesterday evening in Bushy Park- it's a fast loose acrylic tonal pic, no real details, the yellow sections are buttercups which caught my eye earlier in the day, the sky was done last. Photo included but taken from a standing rather than sitting angle. I'd suddenly got the urge to get out and paint outdoors again today as I'd missed the last dublin sketchers session and won't make another till the 15th of June.

This was done in about an hour between 8.30 and 9.30pm, while dinner was cooking at home.

Here are two earlier supporting sketches and photo