Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Leopardstown Park Hospital Art Exhibition

Took the plunge today and applied to exhibit three pieces (one of which you can see here) at the Leopardstown Park Hospital Art Exhibition. Now I've got to finish, frame and have the work ready to hang by the 16th. This one is called 'Tintin and the Black Spectre of Death', the other two are big charcoal drawings of an indian girl from s.america. They are an odd mix but I feel the need to start exhibiting if I'm ever going to take this art business seriously.


SarahOR said...

fantastic!how long did it take you to do?

james said...

Thanks for your nice comment Sarah. It took a good few days ultimately - needs a bit of tidying up and I'll leave it at that as I'm nervous about overworking it.

SarahOR said...

mom says its lovely too!fancy going sketching outside the pav after work thursday or friday? if the weather's fine? i think you have my number.

how big is the painting? I v never spent more the an hour or two on a painting..