Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Leopardstown Park Hospital Art Exhibition

Took the plunge today and applied to exhibit three pieces (one of which you can see here) at the Leopardstown Park Hospital Art Exhibition. Now I've got to finish, frame and have the work ready to hang by the 16th. This one is called 'Tintin and the Black Spectre of Death', the other two are big charcoal drawings of an indian girl from s.america. They are an odd mix but I feel the need to start exhibiting if I'm ever going to take this art business seriously.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hunters in the Snow - A mural homage to a favourite painting

One of my favourite paintings of all time is by 17th century Belgian painter Peter Breughel the Elder commonly known as the Hunters in the Snow - so about two years ago when I was given free reign to create a mural for a children's bedroom I decided to copy the landscape of the Hunters in the Snow picture and depict some animal characters instead of the usual human ones and this was the result.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

An Italian theme...

(Above) Drawing near the The Spanish Steps area in Rome from ahem a few years back
(Below) Italo Calvino - a couple of pics of a favourite Italian author

A beginning...

"Everyone is an artist "Joseph Beuys

Hello and welcome to this blog.

To the right you will see links for the Trinity Arts Workshop life drawing classes I began attending with a friend last year at the 191 Pearse Street Studios (Price: Trinity students €4, General Public €10) and for the Dublin Sketchers Group that meet most Sundays at pre-decided meeting points around the city (it's free and all are welcome).

Having been involved with these groups and posting work on those blogs I've decided to start my own blog now with the aim of displaying some more personal work and related ideas publicly.
One of my hopes is this will encourage me to create better paintings and drawings etc. as I plan to do one drawing, sketch or painting, or something remotely creative each week and post it here. I also hope to provide useful information for other artists in Dublin and elsewhere if I can and to meet other creative souls and exchange ideas, swop links and such via the blog.

Please feel free to leave a comment: constructive criticism, technical tips, upcoming events mentioned, ideas, relevant links, etc. most welcome.
The artwork above, like this blog, is a work in progress. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Thanks for visiting.
James Moore